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Star Citizen Developer Drops Out of E3 PC Gaming Show

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Star Citizen Developer Drops Out of E3 PC Gaming Show

Star Citizen bows out of E3 again…

With E3’s 2016 PC Gaming Show moving up the pecking order to take EA’s vacated spot, many gamers were expecting Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of crowd-funding record-breaker Star Citizen/Squadron 42 to be in attendance, especially following the assurances of founder Chris Roberts after his 2015 no-show.

However, it has been reported that Roberts will not be attending E3 2016 after all, and Cloud Imperium Games and Star Citizen will not be present at all. This comes as a blow to both E3 and PC fans, whose hopes were for a large PC gaming presence at E3 this year.

Roberts’ focus on the development of Squadron 42 will act as a consolation to many, with many fans likely to see the focus on development, not presentation, as a positive move by the veteran developer.

Despite the withdrawal of Star Citizen/Squadron 42 E3’s 2016 PC Gaming Show still looks to impress. There remain several companies, such as Blizzard and Bohemia Interactive, expected to showcase upcoming games and expansions during the show, alongside a myriad of smaller publishers and developers.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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