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League of Legends Solo Queue Is Not Coming Back, New Dynamic Queue Improvements Incoming

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League of Legends Solo Queue Is Not Coming Back, New Dynamic Queue Improvements Incoming

RIP, dear friend.

League of Legends Dynamic Queue is here to stay, and according to a recent announcement from Riot Games, its Solo Queue predecessor won’t be coming back from the grave.

“With the introduction of dynamic queue,” Riot explained in their post, “we alienated a portion of League’s passionate player-base who believe a ranked competitive experience should be limited to a solo (or duo) endeavor. We agree dynamic queue standings don’t reflect pure individual skill as well as a solo ladder, but they also don’t inhibit competitive team experiences, and that’s a trade-off we want to make. After considering all possible options and assessing the gains (and losses) of dynamic queue over the last five months, we’ve made the decision to not bring back solo queue.”

*Pause for dramatic effect.*

Yes, Dynamic Queue hasn’t exactly been League’s most popular feature. It lets players choose two preferred roles before entering a match, and also allows any number of players to queue up together. Consequentially, people find themselves rarely getting more contended roles (AKA not Support) and queue times can be pretty high thanks to the spread in role preferences and team sizes. And while the system tries to match up premades of the same size, sometimes, and particularly in high MMR, solo or small groups of players will face off against full 5-man teams. Sometimes that team is SKT.

*Pause to contemplate that terrifying thought.*

To combat these issues, Riot is implementing the following improvements to the Dynamic Queue formula:

  • We’re increasing the likelihood you’ll get your primary role, and we’ll continue working to improve this.
  • We’ll be adjusting premade handicaps further to even the playing field between premades and non-premades.
  • We’ll limit the roughly top 1% of MMR (Diamond 5 or higher) to solo, duos, or trios
  • To address position shortages, we’re adding an autofill mode that can trigger when queue times are too long

“We know the dynamic ranked experience has been painful for the highest skilled players for the last few months,” Riot addds.” We remain focused on improving it and agree the current state is unacceptable. The video and this wall of text is another step we’re trying to take towards more clear and frequent updates. We’ll follow up with more data and results from our upcoming changes, sooner rather than later.”

We’ll keep you up to date on any further changes, and for more League of Legends, check out some of the stories below.


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