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Xbox One Receives a $50 Price Drop

Xbox One, console

Xbox One Receives a $50 Price Drop

With E3 right around the corner.

Microsoft has officially dropped the price on all Xbox One consoles, reducing each by $50. The price cut covers all consoles and bundles including the Quantum Break 500GB bundle (now at $299) and the Xbox One Elite bundle (now $449).

The Xbox website does list the deal as applying “for a limited time,” although not kind of time frame is given. The price drop comes just a couple weeks before E3, and after Kotaku recently reported that Microsoft has two new versions of the Xbox One in development. A more powerful Xbox that sources say is codenamed “Scorpio” will release sometime in 2017, with Oculus Rift compatibility. Additionally, a smaller more compact version of the console with a 2TB hard drive is rumored to release later this year. With E3 right around the corner, we’ll see how this recent price drop plays out.

What do you think about the recent price drop for Xbox One? Are you thinking of picking up a console, or will you wait to see what Microsoft does at E3? Leave a comment and let us know.


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