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Naughty Dog Jokes About Drake’s Murderous Ways with an Uncharted 4 Trophy

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Naughty Dog Jokes About Drake’s Murderous Ways with an Uncharted 4 Trophy

Drake won’t stop killing!

When fans of the Uncharted series talk about how much of a likeable guy Nathan Drake is, naysayers throw back the running joke that, by now, he has ruthlessly murdered thousands of inncocent-ish henchmen. Of course, the reply to this has always been: “It’s a video game, who cares!” But every time a new game in the series is released, it comes up once again.

With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End out this week, gamers will once again point out Drake’s cold-blooded ways. Continuing the running joke, Naughty Dog have included a trophy in Uncharted 4 that is called Ludonarrative Dissonance and requires the player to kill 1,000 enemies.

Trophies for killing a certain number of enemies aren’t unusual, but the name clearly refers to the long-running joke. Ludonarrative Dissonance refers to conflicts between narrative and gameplay and the term was coined by Clint Hocking, formerly of LucasArts and Ubiosft, when talking about Bioshock. In relation to Uncharted, it refers to the dissonance between the game’s story and character focus and the relentless killing that makes up much of the experience. Drake being seemingly so against killing only makes it more dissonant.

In any case, let’s just enjoy the fact that Naughty Dog has a sense of humor and is totally aware of what players are saying about good ol’ Nate.

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