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Ubisoft Drops New Trailer for Rainbow Six Siege: Dust Line DLC

Rainbow Six Siege, stuff, gamers, say

Ubisoft Drops New Trailer for Rainbow Six Siege: Dust Line DLC

New Operators and more.

Ubisoft has revealed a brand new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, showing off all the bonus content players can acquire through the Dust Line DLC.

The brand new trailer, which you can watch for yourself below, gives players a look at the bonus content they can acquire, either through purchasing the expansion on it’s own, or through the Season Pass for the game.

The Dust Line expansion gives players two new Navy Seal Operators to utilise, and the first of which, named Blackbeard, features a Rifle Shield that deploys on top of the equipped weapon, giving players an advantage over oncoming forces.

The second Operator, named Valkyrie, has a unique camera which can be deployed virtually anywhere, giving the player a tactical advantage when attempting to locate or track enemy players.

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Both Operators feature Desert Eagle pistols as sidearms, however Blackbeard with be allow players to use either a SPAS-12 or a SIG MPX as a primary weapon, while Valkyrie features a Scar-H or M11 for the player to choose between.

On top of this, when Dust Line launches for Rainbow Six Siege on May 11, it will contain a brand new map, named Border.

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