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Goat Simulator Spoofs Sci-Fi With its Epic New Expansion


Goat Simulator Spoofs Sci-Fi With its Epic New Expansion

And it’s out tomorrow! #MakeSpaceGreatAgain

One step for man, one glitchy, flailing leap for goats. Taking on the very best of sci-fi, from Star Wars to Portal, Goat Simulator is headed to the stars with a new expansion, Waste of Space. Coffee Stain Studios even claims it’s the biggest map the game has ever seen.

“Endless space full of planets to visit. But seriously it would take forever to go there so why bother
… There is one planet nearby though. Go to that one,” the description reads. “No crew member will be left unromanced.”

In Goat Simulator: Waste of Space, the dev teases, players can “beat or trick people into crowdfunding you their hard-earned money, and then spend it on your own dreams of being a space McGyver in space or whatever space nerds do instead of huffing paint in their underwear like normal people.”

Best of all however, the expansion is releasing tomorrow, May 26 for PC, iOS, Android, and Amazon. Unfortunately there is no solid word on console versions of the expansion, with Coffee Stain simply saying, “Console ports might come in the future.”

Are you ready to go where no goat has gone before? Let us know in the comments.

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