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Overwatch’s Bots Are Some Of the Most Gracious Losers You’ll Come Across

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Overwatch’s Bots Are Some Of the Most Gracious Losers You’ll Come Across

It’s all about the love of the game

It looks like Blizzard has made the bots in Overwatch some of the most gracious losers you’ll come across by the looks of this screenshot.

Apparently, if you jump into Overwatch’s game mode that allows you to play against bots, they will type in the chat at the end of the game with some delightful messages. Messages of ‘GG’ (Good Game) can be seen being posted in the chat on Reddit user, _theholyghost‘s game last night. Heck, it even looks like they’ve given the Heroes a little bit of personality as well, with Roadhog letting everyone know that he voted for himself in the end of gaming voting.

Overwatch, GG, bots

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen bots in a game have something of a personality. Quake 3’s bots had a tendency to constantly trash talk one another in the chat as the game was playing out. However, it looks like Overwatch’s Heroes are a little less aggressive and more about the fun of the game. Whether they’ve actually got a hidden dark side that we’re yet to see is unclear.

Have you seen Overwatch’s Heroes say anything else? Share your experiences with them in the comments below.



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