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Destiny App Update is Live, Recruitment Forums are More Organized

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Destiny App Update is Live, Recruitment Forums are More Organized

It’s now easier to play.

Hi Guardians, just in case you weren’t already in the know, the Destiny mobile app has just received its update on iOS, and a major feature has been added to it. Once you boot up the Destiny app, click on the Community tab and select Forums. This will allow you to post threads for recruiting other players to your Fireteam. Of course, the recruitment forums will also allow you to comment on threads to be recruited into other teams as well.

The forums have been split into several categories: Crucible, Heroics, Raids, Clans, and Bounties. There’s also a general forum for non-specific recruitment criteria. It’s a little odd that Nightfall doesn’t have its own category, however. While using the app is certainly more of a hassle than just having in-game matchmaking, it’s good to see Bungie taking note of fans’ complaints and actively trying to make things more convenient for the player base. Also, the app certainly does feel a lot more organized with these new categories.

So, have you updated your Destiny mobile app yet? How are you liking the new forum updates? Let us know in the comments down below.

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