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IGN Acquires GameTrailers, Will Keep Video Archive Alive


IGN Acquires GameTrailers, Will Keep Video Archive Alive

GameTrailers will live on through YouTube and IGN.

Today via Twitter, GameTrailers founder Brandon Jones announced that IGN has purchased the URL’s for both the site and its affiliated YouTube channel. The complete GameTrailers video archive will live on through IGN’s hosting. When GameTrailers’ suddenly shutdown after 13 years back in March, it was assumed that everything the site had produced would be lost to time.

Back in March, Jones announced a Patreon for his new project Easy Allies, which brings several members of the GameTrailers team back together to make more video content under the new name. He said he had nothing to do with IGN’s acquisition itself, but that he was brought in to get his opinion on the future of the channel and announce the purchase himself.

Jones says IGN will do what they could never really do themselves, post trailers on the GameTrailers YouTube channel. Nowadays, game publishers prefer to keep trailers hosted to their own channels instead of affiliate sites, but he’s convinced IGN has the means to make it happen.

“Trust me, GameTrailers is in good hands. When I heard about this it put a smile on my face. It was tough to let GT go after being so close to it for such a long time, but just 2 months into Easy Allies I’m fully committed to this new endeavor. It’s difficult for me to imagine a better fate for GT considering how things worked out. I’m ready to see what someone else can do with a location so many of us are used to visiting, especially with all I’ve seen them do so far. So, just like you, I’ll be waiting to see what happens,” said Jones in his announcement post on the Easy Allies Patreon.

What GameTrailers content are you glad will still see the light of day?




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