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Battleborn’s Cool Prologue Has Been Made Replayable


Battleborn’s Cool Prologue Has Been Made Replayable

Prologues for Days.

On their official Twitter account, Gearbox announced that the prologue for Battleborn was replayable. It was also mentioned that you can skip it after the first time. You can do this by going to the Private Story section section in the game menu.

The prologue is fully animated in an art style vastly different from the game and has gained praise all over Twitter where fans have been asking to replay it. They’ve also shown praise for the music and rap that plays throughout the intro. Some players have annouced that it was one of the best opening cinematic trailers ever or that it was some of the coolest intros they’ve ever seen.

According to an article by Kotaku, the update happened without needing to restart the game or download anything. It should also be noted that the game was recently released on May 3 and this update happened just a day after.

Battleborn has received good reviews from players according to metacritic with an 8.0 for Playstation 4, a 8.4 for the Xbox One and 8.6 on PC. As of this article, a lot of reviews from gaming news websites have not been released so there is no official average rating for the game across platforms.



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