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Battleborn: How to Beat The Renegade, Episode Two


Battleborn: How to Beat The Renegade, Episode Two

The Renegade Prep


Battleborn has many ways to play. You have several Versus modes that you can play with others or against the AI, and a full story for players to run through with all of the heroes. The story is broken down into eight episodes, not counting the Prologue. One of those missions tasks the player with breaking out a Jennerit solidier by the name of Caldarius. The Renegade is structured differently from most of the other missions in Battleborn, presenting quite the challenge to many players.

Going in, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Shard management is very important. If you spend all of your Shards too quickly, you will only make the later segments of the level much more difficult. Unlike other missions, there aren’t many large Shard crystals from which you can get a lot of currency from. With that in mind, pick up ever small shard cluster you see and blow up all shard tanks (just stand back when you do).

For Gear, anything with skill cooldowns is helpful, but don’t go for all epic or even rare, for that matter. Those cost more shards than common and uncommon. Like we said before, you’ll want to manage those.

As far as Battleborn selection goes, any ranged character will do if you’re playing solo. Melee-focused heroes will have an issue with the constant shift in range between enemies, so better to play it safe. If playing with others, you can use anyone. Now that you’re all set, it’s time to get started. 

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