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The Top 10 Best Battleborn Heroes


The Top 10 Best Battleborn Heroes

Who will you take into battle?


Best Battleborn Heroes


Thorn is one of the first heroes you unlock in Battleborn. She’s an Eldrid Archer with a short temper and a lot of charisma. Seeing as she is one of the characters you start the game with, you may not think much of her. But, thanks to her extraordinary range and unique abilities, she’s one of the best to use if you’re soloing the story right away or want to provide long range support.

Thorn doesn’t have a shield like the rest of the heroes in the game. However, she is able to rapidly heal once you find cover. When combined with her ability to pick off enemies from a long range, she is a solid survivor. When used in versus, she can hold a lane and keep enemies from getting within reach. Her speed and mobility help out quite a bit, as well.

With several AoE attacks and a powerful bow, Thorn is one to watch out for in Battleborn. 

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