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Battleborn Tips: How to Play Phoebe


Battleborn Tips: How to Play Phoebe

Phoebe in Battleborn


With Battleborn’s eccentric cast of heroes, it can be a challenge picking the right one. But, even among the most unique of the characters, Phoebe stands out. Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV (say that five times fast) is a genius engineer with a penchant for sword-fighting. A well trained assassin with telekinetic abilities, she’s a tough one to get a hang of, but once you do you’ll be the bane of your enemies.

Phoebe has a dainty appearance, but she is far from it. Her abilities allow her to withstand a bit more damage than most other close range fighters, and her sword strikes have exceptional melee range. However, her mobility is mostly skill based, not stat based. She isn’t the fastest melee fighter around, making her a bit tougher to use for newer players. But, in the right hands, and with the proper support, Phoebe is a master at eliminating opponents.

While using this sword master, you’ll want to always keep aware of your surroundings. Her secondary attack allows for a useful dodge, which can help keep you from being overwhelmed. Tailoring her abilities to make this advanced Battleborn more comfortable for you is of the utmost importance.

The last thing you should always remember when utilizing Phoebe is that she isn’t for players who like to play scared. She is most useful when up in someone’s face. With her singular ranged ability, there aren’t many scenarios where you can win from a distance, so charge head on. Her defense is a lot higher than you would assume.

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