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Gorgeous Martial Arts Game Absolver Revealed Before E3


Gorgeous Martial Arts Game Absolver Revealed Before E3

Two strangers meet in the woods. Obviously they’re going to fight to the death!

Adding to the growing list of games that will appear at this year’s E3, Absolver is an indie-developed, online, martial arts game. More than that however, it’s also incredibly stylish.

The first game from Sloclap, a developer largely made up of former Ubisoft employees, Absolver sees players wake up in the runes of a fallen empire after having been chosen to join an elite group of fighters called the Absolvers. Only Prospects however, players will have to fight and prove themselves in order to finally become an Absolver. On the road to doing just that, you will meet other players. Given the choice to either team up or fight to the death, Absolver looks to present both PvE and PvP content for players.

“Our gameplay system is based on choosing one of four stances, defined by your orientation towards your enemy, and it allows intense real-time melee combat with endless fluid combos,” Creative Lead Pierre Tarno explains.

More than just a straight fighting game, Absolver is also an RPG. “On your travels, you’ll learn different martial art schools, each with specific tactical moves and unique attacks. Choose your combat style, pick your weapon, and edit your attack set in the Combat Deck to create your unique fighting style.”

Set to release for PC and consoles sometime next year, the first gameplay will debut on Twitch on June 13, at 5:00PM PT. Slowclap will then follow that with hands-on demos at E3. Until then, what do you think of Absolver’s reveal trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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