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You Can Beat This Dark Souls III Boss by Lying on the Ground

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You Can Beat This Dark Souls III Boss by Lying on the Ground

Very innovative.

Dark Souls III is well-known for its challenging boss fights, but did you know that there’s one boss in the game that you can beat by taking a nap on the ground? Pontiff Sulyvahn, a boss that you’ll encounter midway into the game, is a pretty tough guy who attacks you with both fire and magic swords. However, by using the Stretch Out gesture in the corner of the room, you can dodge all of his overreaching, sweeping attacks.

This is actually a tactic that’s been discovered in speedruns too. Players have found that by using a ‘sitting down’ gesture at the right time, you can dodge a lot of his devastating combos, and then roll out of the gesture to start your counterattack. It’s a little anti-climactic, sure, but you need every advantage you can get against a tough boss like the Pontiff.

Speaking of gestures, did you know that you can gesture to the Firekeeper and get a reaction out of her too? What other little cool tricks have you discovered in Dark Souls III? Let us know in the comments down below.

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