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Persona 5 PC Port Is “Not Going to Happen”, Says Atlus PR

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Persona 5 PC Port Is “Not Going to Happen”, Says Atlus PR

Persona 5 is staying on consoles.

The highly anticipated RPG Persona 5 still has no release date, even as Atlus teases new reveals for the game. The game is coming to two platforms, and it’s unlikely that PC will be one of them.

The Shin Megami Tensei series has typically stuck to consoles and handhelds, and the popular Persona series grew its fanbase on PlayStation 2 and PS Vita. According to Atlus public relations manager John Hardin, Persona won’t be moving to the PC any time soon.

Atlus have developed very few games for PC, so their plans are in line with how they develop their most popular titles. This rumor started after the Persona 5 website was hacked to show false release date info for the game.

Persona 5 has no release date but Atlus stated last year that it will be available in Japan in summer 2016. The game is coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, even as PS3 development has slowed considerably.

Atlus recently revealed a May 5 live stream that will reveal more info on Persona 5.


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