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Persona 5 Website Updated, Countdown Clock Adds More Time


Persona 5 Website Updated, Countdown Clock Adds More Time

The wait for Persona 5 continues.

Last week, the Persona 5 website added a countdown clock with one of the game’s slogans attached. That clock is still ticking down, but now there’s a little more information on what will happen when it runs out.

Persona 5’s website now has a very specific date of May 5, 2016 on display. This is when that countdown clock will run out and reveal whatever Atlus has planned.

A new link to a Nicovideo stream was added, set to go live on that date at 21:30, or 8:30 a.m. EST. Nicovideo is allowing viewers to sign up early and get a reminder when the stream goes live.

Persona 5 was originally a PlayStation 3 game scheduled for release in winter 2014. After a PlayStation 4 release was announced, it was delayed to 2015. The most recent news confirms the date for summer 2016 in Japan, with the North American release still unknown.

Atlus are making sure this upcoming stream is a fairly public event, so it might finally confirm a release date for this elusive RPG. If not, there should at least be another trailer to look forward to.


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