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Destiny Player Stages Most Overpowered Kick in History

Destiny OP Crane Kick

Destiny Player Stages Most Overpowered Kick in History

Great, now emotes need nerfs.

There’s been a lot of legitimately OP things in Destiny. This kick isn’t one of them.

No, the Crane Kick emote isn’t capable of power-eviscerating an enemy guardian on contact, but that won’t stop players from making it look so.

In the video below, player SCFZ stages a spectacularly timed Crane Kick, hitting another guardian just as their body collapses in an explosion of badass. Naturally, his buddy Boni Nose posted footage of the staged takedown, making a decent argument for the nerf of emotes.

It’s still no Gjallarhorn.

In other news, Destiny’s April Update is live, adding two new strikes, new armor and even some popular legendaries from Year One. There’s also plenty of aesthetic updates, like new sparrow designs, new emotes, and a new Chroma armor customization system.

Let us know if you’re enjoying Destiny’s new April content, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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