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15 Reasons to Love Destiny, Despite Its Flaws

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15 Reasons to Love Destiny, Despite Its Flaws

In case you’re having trouble realizing what makes Destiny so great, it’s time you open up your eyes, Guardian. Here are 15 reasons to love Destiny, even though it’s, of course, a flawed game. Don’t worry, we’ll show you the light.

With Destiny having been out for 18 months we still can’t pull ourselves away from the Tower and the rest of the solar system. Whether it’s running Raids, hitting up the Crucible, or completing challenges, there’s plenty to still keep you occupied and in love with Destiny.

There’s something about finally getting your hands on that darn Gjallarhorn or Black Spindle that we won’t forget.

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, Destiny is always in the festive spirit offering sweet rewards or new challenges for guardians to take on.

Once we’d hit the level cap the fun didn’t stop. Grinding our way to 300 light, and now 335 with the April update never feels boring.

With the upgrades available for each weapon players are rewarded for mastering a specific gun and a reason to stick with it.

You’ll rarely find that you can’t pull off exactly what you want to do. The controls are tight and responsive allowing you to nail those headshots all day long.

With so many shaders for your armor and skins for your ship and sparrow you could truly make yourself stand out against the crowd.

Let’s all be real for a minute- we all loved doing the Carlton for the first time. There’s no better way to break the ice!

Playing through these PvE missions made grinding all the more enjoyable and really put player skills to the test. Not to mention teamwork!

Whether it was the Trials of Osiris or just the ordinary Crucible, the PvP modes in Destiny rewards guardians for putting their skills to the test against other players, with some seriously good loot and Crucible Rep.

Whether you log into the servers every day, or come back after a month, Destiny has a familiar feel and is a great game to relieve some stress after a long day at the office.

Exploring the solar system is nothing short of joyous with every environment looking stunning and beautifully detailed. Just take a look into the sky and admire those stars!

No matter what class and subclass you go for, you’re never at a huge advantage or disadvantage. Sure we’ve all found our favorites, but if you master one class you’d be able to hold your own regardless of who you were facing.

With festive events, numerous drops of DLC, the Sparrow Racing League and more to be announced later this year, Destiny continues to evolve and grow and keep us coming back for more.

While the main game’s story may have felt a little bit fractured, the Grimoire helped to fill in the gaps. It also provided a reason to go in search of every last Ghost lying around the solar system.

Whether you’re dancing at the Tower or wanting to take on a Raid, you’ll always find someone willing to join you. There are plenty of stories of players coming together to help one another out, and when a game relies so heavily on its players to work together, it’s good to know that other Guardians have your back.

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