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Dark Souls 3 Glitch Will Have You Praise the Bum

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Dark Souls 3 Glitch Will Have You Praise the Bum

Look, someone had to do the pun.

Video games these days have glitches, and Dark Souls 3 is no exception. The new action-RPG from From Software isn’t due out for another week for Americans, but in Japan, players have found a glitch that’s funnier than it is annoying.

[Image source: 4_asasin]

If you bend over, or squat while decked out in a robe (because of course it has to be while you’re wearing a robe), your character’s butt will be shown. Yes, seriously. Exactly how wide the glitch goes isn’t known right now, but rest assured that From is getting to the bottom of it as we speak. Butt on the other hand, maybe this isn’t a glitch at all. Perhaps this is just a nice bit of humor added into the game. The players can’t always make the funny happen, sometimes the developers gotta make their own fun, y’know?

Dark Souls 3 comes to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12. You can check out more of these hilarious butt photos over on Kotaku.

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