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Can You Tell if This Is Doom or Halo 5?


Can You Tell if This Is Doom or Halo 5?

The hardest game of spot the difference you’ll ever play.

The weekend just past saw Doom’s multiplayer Beta open its gates to thousands of players lucky enough to get their hands on a code. While one of the maps on offer took players into a world resembling the gory depths of hell, there were moments where everything looked a little too familiar.

You see, we felt like Doom’s multiplayer didn’t make itself stand out from the crowd of FPS games already out on the market, and in some instances, it’s really noticeable. It gets to the point where you can’t even work out which screenshot is from the Doom Beta and which is from Halo 5 when you put them side by side.

Don’t believe us? Prepare to play the hardest game of spot the difference you’ll ever come across.

Doom, Halo 5, comparison, similar, same

I mean, take a look at the futuristic settings, the neon glows from the lighting of the weaponry and the environments, heck even the shape of the gun! By the way, Doom is on the left. Own up, you thought that was Halo, right? Want another example?

Halo 5, Doom, comparison, similar same

Coincidence? Perhaps. Conspiracy that Doom is secretly Halo set in hell? Highly possible. We’ll leave you to decide it for yourselves, but we all know the real answer.

Perhaps we’ve just stumbled upon some gaming secret that nobody was ever supposed to find out. We’re calling it now, Demons will appear in Halo 6.


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