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TimeSplitters 2 Levels to Be Included in Homefront: The Revolution


TimeSplitters 2 Levels to Be Included in Homefront: The Revolution

The cult classic franchise will grace new consoles in a strange way.

Easter may be over but if you’re a TimeSplitters fan planning on picking up Homefront: The Revolution later this year, then there is still one Easter egg you have to look forward to.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the first two levels of the beloved cult classic TimeSplitters 2, will be available to play in full, in developer Dambuster Studios’ upcoming first-person shooter. The Easter egg can be accessed in the game’s prison level via a hidden arcade machine.

The lineage behind this Easter egg is as interesting at the developmental history of Homefront: The Revolution itself. Originally, the Homefront licence was acquired by Crytek when THQ was selling assets during its break up. However, Crytek’s own financial issues would eventually lead to Deep Silver acquiring the property. What’s strange about that is Crytek is still believed to hold the rights to TimeSplitters, even though Dambuster Studios is made up largely of ex-Free Radical Design employees that were responsible for the development of the TimeSplitters franchise.

However, this twisting path of licensing led to TimeSplitters 2 being included in Homefront. Those that have never played the games before may find their best chance to do so here, as the TimeSplitters series remains unavailable on current-gen systems.

Homefront: The Revoution is currently set for a North American release date of May 17 in North America and a May 20 release date for EU regions.

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This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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