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League of Legends: What Happens to NA LCS Lower Seeds Now

League of Legends NA LCS

League of Legends: What Happens to NA LCS Lower Seeds Now

The Final Countdown!

The North American League of Legends Spring Split is officially over, and the top six teams are gearing up for playoffs. This leaves three teams – Team Dignitas, Renegades and Team Impulse – fighting for their LCS spot against the two top Challenger teams, Team Dragon Knights and Apex. The seventh place team, Echo Fox, will just be sitting out for this playoff run because that seventh spot ensures you are safe from relegation, and will be back for the Summer Split. The other teams, however, have murkier fates.

The 10th place team, Team Dignitas, finished the spring split with a 4-14 record and must face off against challenger Team Dragon Knight in a best of five matches. Whoever loses this Match A will then be eliminated from the running and move to the Challenger bracket. The winner will move to Match B, facing off against Renegades. The winner of Match B then wins a spot in the LCS Summer Split. DIG showed some signs of life with a good game in week eight against the number one seed, Immortals. If they can repeat that, hopefully with Kiwi getting Braum and Shiphtur on Corki, they stand a strong chance.

Renegades placed eighth in the NA LCS, putting up a 6-13 record after making sudden roster changes in an attempt to pull themselves out of last place. They managed to win 4 out of 5 matches with this revised squad, and now hope to win their own best of 5 against round one winners in preparation for the summer split.

League of Legends NA LCS

Renegades should probably hope that DIG survive a match against TDK, simply because they’ve had more experience facing off against DIG. It should be noted that the first match with this team that they lost was in week two, and since then the Renegades have had roster changes and went on to beat DIG in week seven. Renegades should tread lightly while helping advance their top and mid laners, who place within the top 10 for highest KDA in the spring split.

A Match C will bring together the team that placed ninth, Team Impulse, versus the team that placed first in the Challenger series, in this case Apex. The winner of this round also gets a ticket to the LCS Summer Split. Team Impulse finished the season with a 5-14 record with basically a whole new roster, keeping only one player from last year. While they could chalk up the spring split as growing pains, they will need to survive a strong Apex team in order to get back for the summer. Not only does Apex have a player sporting a 6.0 KDA, but they have Keane and Xpecial, two players who have played in the LCS previously, with Xpecial going to Worlds three different times. This is Apex’s fight to lose, but crazier things have happened and TIP could come out with a win.

All that is left after everything is done would be the fourth Match D, pitting the losers of Match B and C for the final LCS spot. A do or die face-off that could see any two teams battling it out.

Find out out how well these teams do when the promotion tournament starts on April 6.

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