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Stardew Valley’s Fanbase Is Fighting Piracy by Buying Pirates the Game

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Stardew Valley’s Fanbase Is Fighting Piracy by Buying Pirates the Game

That’s just awesome.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Stardew Valley, the 8-bit farming simulator. It’s quickly become one of the most played games on Steam, with nearly 60,000 players at its peak and a fan community that’s actually pretty swell. A bunch of people are actually going around and buying the game for other people who either don’t have the funds currently to buy the game, or have resorted to piracy.

It all started over at the Stardew Valley subreddit, where a user offered to buy the game for those less fortunate. From there, the thread has gotten nearly 700 replies of people either wanting the free game or following in the OP’s footsteps and paying it forward for others.

Other threads have popped up since then of players offering to pay it forward for others, along with a thread for just a general giveaway. Finally, there was a thread where a Reddit user addressed all pirates and offered to do what they could:

The Stardew Valley community is one of the best around, and if you’re unable to get the funds to see what all the fuss is about, this seems like a great way to be part of a kind group of people. Just be sure to pay it forward yourself when you’ve got the chance. But also don’t try to just mob every thread in hopes of snagging a free copy, because most of those giveaways are already over.

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