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Valve Will Show Off Aperture Science VR Experiences at GDC


Valve Will Show Off Aperture Science VR Experiences at GDC

The wait for a new entry in the Portal series has been quite a long one. While Valve hasn’t given any details on if a Portal 3 is something that they’re possibly working on, they are planning on returning to the universe with some VR levels they plan to debut at GDC. According to Geoff Keighley, this assortment of levels will be called “The Lab” and set inside a “pocket universe” of Aperture Science, the company responsible for all the evil goings on in the first two games. The best part? The experiments will be free for all VR owners.

GDC starts next week, and Valve’s presentation on VR will be on Thursday, March 17 at 4 PM. The session, titled “Advanced VR Rendering Performance”, will be hosted by Alex Vlachos and “present a method for adaptively scaling fidelity to consistently maintain VR framerate without using reprojection techniques, even on very low-end GPUs.” Maybe this presentation will give some direction where Portal 3 will go? Here’s hoping Cave Johnson shows up again to give you some of his much helpful…advice.

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