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Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Miitomo Gets a Japanese Release Date

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Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Miitomo Gets a Japanese Release Date

Konichiwa, Miitomo!

Nintendo’s very first mobile app, Miitomo, has gotten an official release date in Japan, and it’ll be hitting digital marketplaces for them on March 17. The western release for the game is set for sometime this month, though an exact date hasn’t been announced just yet.

The first of five proposed smartphone games set to launch before 2017 from Nintendo, Miitomo is more of a social app than that of a game, really. You can create a new Mii character or load an existing one. Once you have your Mii all ready and shared, other Miis will come in asking you questions, and your answers will then be shared with others. Another highlight to the app is Miifotos, where you can insert your Mii character into pictures that are already in your phone’s gallery. You can then in turn share these images to multiple social media site.

Miitomo is free, though there is an in-game shop where you can buy new clothing and such for your Miis with Miitomo coins. Those can be purchased with your real money, or simply earned in the game. It is also noted that the game needs a constant internet connection in order to work.

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This post was originally written by Felisha Silva.

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