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Former GameTrailers Staff Tease Announcement for Later This Month


Former GameTrailers Staff Tease Announcement for Later This Month

Getting the gang back together!

Former staff from the now closed GameTrailers have posted a teaser photo showing a date on their Twitter accounts. The picture in question is of the date 03/21/2016 in red text. There hasn’t been any word on what this photo could possibly mean for the future or what that date is about.

Tweets went out from former staff including Brandon Jones, Kyle Bosman, Michael Huber, Daniel Bloodworth, Bradly Ellis, Ben Moore and Ian Hinck. It should be noted that one of those people, Jones, was the founder of GameTrailers.


The company closed after 13 years in business with a Twitter announcement last month and on Facebook later that day. It came as a surprise not to just fans, but to staff as well, with the former staff taking to social media and the internet stating they were told of the closure only a few hours before a statement was made public.

GameTrailers was known as the place to go to for any video game trailer, along with Let’s Plays and other game videos. They also made headlines for their reactions during E3 2015 when Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake were annouced.

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