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Nintendo Direct Focused on Summer 3DS and Wii U Games Airing Tomorrow


Nintendo Direct Focused on Summer 3DS and Wii U Games Airing Tomorrow

‘Please understand’ that new Nintendo Direct is airing!

A lot of Nintendo fans have been quite down on Nintendo lately for not giving us a decent Nintendo Direct in quite some time. The last one we had was a Pokemon-themed one, where Pokemon Sun and Moon was announced, along with a few other things in light of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary.

Today it was announced on the official Nintendo of America’s Twitter that we would be getting an all-new Nintendo Direct this Thursday, March 3 (tomorrow). The Direct will start at 2pm PT/4pm CST, and is said to highlight titles that are releasing on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U over the summer of this year.

Being that it’s going to talk about games that will be releasing this summer, there are some pretty high doubts that there will be any talk of the latest Zelda title as that is speculated to be out late this year. Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a Holiday release, so no news on them either most likely. One title we may hear about could be the new Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero, which is going to release late April (even though that isn’t technically ‘summer’). Nintendo has been somewhat hush-hush on their releases for this year, kind of holding us at a standstill waiting to see what games we can get our hands on for either our Wii U or 3DS.

What games do you hope Nintendo will announce and/or talk about? All will be revealed tomorrow, let’s just hope this Nintendo Direct is something worth being excited for.

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This post was originally written by Felisha Silva.

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