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This Fallout 4 Fan’s Weapon Animation Puts Laser Rifles to Shame


This Fallout 4 Fan’s Weapon Animation Puts Laser Rifles to Shame

Both impressive and painful.


Traveling the wastelands of Fallout 4, you constantly have to worry about Super Mutants and companions stomping on landmines, but never about the condition of your gun. No matter how many shots you take, your trusty weapon is never worse for wear. But in the world of Fallout, if you can make it explode, you should definitely make it explode.

That’s why Reddit user Hazza42 made their own Fallout 4 gun destruction animation, showing a plasma rifle reach the end of its days with an impressive and painful burst.

“While I love that I don’t have to worry about things like repairing all my weapons anymore, I think it would be really cool to see an energy weapon just explode in your hands after too much use!” said the animator, who’s also rendered a realistic bottle of Nuka Cola.

The creator also says they are “definitely planning on doing more of these” and hope to create a full mod for the feature once official mod support releases.

Recently, Bethesda’s Todd Howard reveled that official Fallout 4 mod support is coming this April on PC, with console kits scheduled for later. Howard also shared that Fallout 4 sold more digital than physical copies on day one of launch.

Also coming to Fallout 4 soon is an updated Survival Mode and new adventures in the form of three DLC releases. You can check out all the DLC prices, release dates and details here.


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