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New Pokken Screenshots Feature Opposing Trainers and NPCs


New Pokken Screenshots Feature Opposing Trainers and NPCs

Who’s that trainer!

The official Pokemon Japanese website has released the character designs for the various trainers you’ll meet throughout Pokken Tournament. The characters are shown with their respective Pokemon and showcases up to eight fighting duos. This is not counting another mysterious girl who is shown with an image of Dark Mewtwo.


Each character seems to share similar designs along with their Pokemon expect for three characters who seem as if they belong to the same group. All three were wearing robes and were sectioned off on the page.


It should be noted that the photos show only eight out of 16 confirmed Pokemon fighters. These characters have been spotted before in the official Pokken Tournament trailer on screens behind their fighting Pokemon.

After spending a little bit of time in a few select arcades, Pokken Tournament is set to release March 18 worldwide for the Wii U.

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