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Hyrule Warriors Legends Infographic Outlines New Content

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Infographic Outlines New Content

This game is packed full of content, with more on the way.

Hyrule Warriors Legends will be hitting the 3DS later this week. In an effort to quickly and easily lay out the updates to the game from the original Wii U version that launched in 2014, Nintendo UK has made up a fancy little infographic.

According to this image, Hyrule Warriors Legends will include all content from the Wii U version including the Adventure Mode DLC maps and all DLC characters.

Hyrule Warriors Legends, infographic, DLC, 3DS

There will be two new chapters to the game’s campaign that span nine all new scenarios. Saga of the Great Sea will likely unlock Wind Waker characters such as Toon Link, Tetra, and The King of Hyrule, while Linkle’s Tale seems like the best place to introduce the world to the brand new character Linkle.

It was recently revealed that Medli of Wind Waker fame would be available as a free download for all players on day 1, and also that Legends will be receiving a slew of new DLC in the months following launch. Said DLC will focus on handheld iterations of the series such as Link’s Awakening, A Link Between Worlds, and The Phantom Hourglass. This makes sense seeing that Hyrule Warriors Legends is a handheld game. All DLC will also be available in the future for Wii U Hyrule Warriors players.

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