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Former GameTrailers Staff Are Returning as Easy Allies


Former GameTrailers Staff Are Returning as Easy Allies

The Gang is Back!

After recently posting a teaser image on social media, former GameTrailers staff have announced the formation of their own company, Easy Allies. An official twitter account has already been made, along with an announcement video. The team has also launched a Patreon in order to help fund their shows and streams.

So far it has been confirmed that the staff is made up of Brandon Jones, Daniel Bloodworth, Kyle Bosman, Mike Huber, Ian Hinck, Ben Moore, Brad Ellis, Don Casanova, and Michael Damiani. At the time of writing, they have 672 patrons with over $6,000 a month pledged, which means they have already hit five their stretch goals out 12. The lowest goal promises a subscriber song at $200 and the highest offers a new set at $50,000.

They have already stated that Easy Allies does not employ any of the staff full time yet and they plan to produce more shows if funding allows. Looking at the patron pledges, it would seem as if they already plan on having a podcast, weekly editorials and more.

Easy Allies has also annouced a 12 hour stream on Mar. 21 from noon to midnight on their Twitch account in order to kick things off.

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