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Civilization Fans Should Definitely Check This Mobile Game Out

super tribes civilization

Civilization Fans Should Definitely Check This Mobile Game Out

One… More… Turn…

Fans of Civilization, the incredible turn-based strategy game that PC gamers have revered for about a thousand years, rejoice. There’s a way to take your obsession on-the-go now. Super Tribes is a free iOS, turn-based strategy game by Midjiwan AB (their first one) that clearly takes a lot of inspiration from Civilization. It’s a sort of Civ Lite, if you will. It’s incredible in its own right, though, and you’ll find yourself playing it for hours upon hours without even realizing it.

You have to choose from four tribes (five if you buy the Kickoo tribe) which one you’d like to build up and play as. Each has a different starting technology which grants them a certain edge in that tech tree. Oumaji start with Riding unlocked, Xinxi have Climbing, Imperius start with Organization, Bardur are all about Hunting, and Kickoo are granted Fishing to start. While they could start to all feel the same anyway, they look super cute, okay?

super tribes civilization

Once you choose which tribe you want, what difficulty, and how many opponents are on the map, you’re ready to get into the generated world. The layout looks like above and each square will allow you to build upon it something different that will increase your cities and resources and allow you to research more and more. The winner is whoever manages to get the most points at the end of 30 turns. You earn points from your resources (setting up farms, mines, lumber yards fishing, hunting), your technology advancement (spending resources on research), your city populations (which increase the more resources you gather around a city), and your military strength (which cost resources and defend your cities from the AI).

There are also designated quests to accomplish certain things that become assigned once pre-requisites are met. For example, if you research Roads, you’ll activate the Networks task. This utilizes the newly researched Roads and tasks you with connecting five cities to your capital. Once this is completed, you’ll be able to build the Grand Bazar. It’s a World Wonder of sorts that grants you a lot of points, so you definitely want those. There are many of these and they cater to the different ways people can play as well as make the game a lot funner as you try to get as many as you can within 30 turns.

Super Tribes is fast-paced and can get pretty difficult in the higher levels. Your turn-based strategy will definitely be contested. It’s perfect for any turn-based strategy or Civilization fan out there, as it grabs all the great parts of Civ and condenses it into a quick, minimalistic mobile game that won’t coddle you.

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