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When Dragon Age Has Tinder, You Take What You Can Get

dragon age: inquisition

When Dragon Age Has Tinder, You Take What You Can Get

Swipe left for the Fade.

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, and some of us may be choosing to look for love with the help of the trusty dating app Tinder. In this day and age, there’s plenty of people to choose from who are sure to suit whatever type of romantic or platonic partner you may like. But in the world of Dragon Age, your prospects may a bit more slim.

Oh sure, there’s folks like the dashing Dorian, the enchanting Isabella, that or the handsome Iron Bull. But for every one of those, there’s a Blackwall, Aveline, or Anders. Then there’s Solas, and he is…yeah. As this video from the Bioware Base shows, you kinda gotta deal with what you’ve got.

Then again, even the people in Dragon Age have gotta have their standards. Maybe Cassandra is available this weekend for some Valentine’s Day love. You could always buy her some of that smut she likes…

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