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Wait, There’s a Dying Light Movie?


Wait, There’s a Dying Light Movie?

And you can buy a role in it.

Hey, Dying Light: The Movie might exist. Or at least, Techland is selling a lot of things that heavily imply a Dying Light movie will exist at some point, even though one has not been announced.

Dying Light: The Following – The Spotlight Edition made its debut on GAME today, a $10 million copy of the game that comes with a role in a Dying Light movie, VIP tickets for opening night, an original copy of the script signed by the cast – things that would be super awkward to offer without an actual Dying Light movie.

dying light 10 million edition

The big spender will also enjoy 3-star chef catering and 24/7 service in a “personal trailer on set.” This, oddly, did not specify it would be on the set for a Dying Light movie.

According to math, over 81% of this offer is about Dying Light: The Movie. Only two of the eleven bonuses don’t involve a movie: four copies of The Following – Enhanced Edition signed by the dev team, and a personal copy of Dying Light where Kyle Crane is voiced by you.

Techland also reserves the right to change the advertisement at any moment before a final purchase. We’ll throw that in here in the very unlikely case that all of these movie references disappear one day.

What do you think about the movie maybe, possibly one day existing now? Let us know!

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