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5 Ways The Division Succeeds Where Destiny First Failed


5 Ways The Division Succeeds Where Destiny First Failed

Agents arrive to push guardians out.

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Although it takes place in the “real world,” it’s very easy to draw similarities between The Division and 2014 hit Destiny. Both are shooters that take place in a shared world, with focuses on team dynamic and end-game content.

With the similarities in tow, it’s not too out of this world to wonder if The Division can match up to Destiny and succeed in the shared-world shooter space. This is especially true when you look at all of the things The Division is getting right.

One of the major issues players had with Destiny when it first released was its story or, better yet, lack thereof. Players were promised a space opera to rival that of Star Wars, but were instead treated to a secret narrative you had to uncover and then use your phone or computer to read. It wasn’t what players expected.

The Division is also bringing random story bits for you to discover through Echos and files, but there is also a very clear narrative being painted for you as you walk through its dying NYC. A virus spread during Black Friday has put the city in shambles. People are scared, others are spiraling into insanity and homicide, and it’s up to you to stop it.

NPCs are out in the world with you, missions are given by people you meet and over radio, and the world is constantly providing you with more story. The Division definitely has the leg up here, even after The Taken King’s revamping of Destiny. Moreso, this narrative strength carries over into the game’s world. 

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