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Cookie Clicker Upgrades to Make Sure You Don’t Get Anything Done Again


Cookie Clicker Upgrades to Make Sure You Don’t Get Anything Done Again

Accept your fate.

Cookie Clicker.

The mere mention of those words might send a good number of you all into a panic, remembering the hours upon hours you once spent clicking and clicking, micromanaging your grandmas, cookie mines, and time travel machines. You did anything to get more cookies. You ignored every responsibility in your life to get those cookies. You risked your life for those cookies. Do you remember Cookie Clicker yet?

I would hope so. This deceptively sinister clicker game initially made its big debut back in 2013, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Just today, however, Cookie Clicker v.2 was officially released, bringing new elements to the tried and true formula that hooked so many players.

Among the new additions is the official release of Legacy, a feature that allows you to Prestige once you reach 1 trillion cookies. Other new features include banks, temples, wizard towers, customization options, new upgrades, new achievements, offline progression, challenge runs, and a cookie dragon. Yes, a cookie dragon. It was only a matter of time.

Players will be able to import their save files from the previous version of Cookie Clicker if they wish to carry on with their baking. It’s a game that goes on forever, so you might as well jump back in. If you have never played Cookie Clicker before, though, now is as good a time as ever to offer your soul to appease the game. Click here to absolve yourself of all responsibilities.

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