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Punch Club Is Getting a Free Expansion Next Month

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Punch Club Is Getting a Free Expansion Next Month

Free Punch Club content coming next month.

The developers of Punch Club, Lazy Bear Games, have announced that Punch Club is getting a free expansion called The Dark Fist next month alongside this GIF:


On Steam, the developers revealed that The Dark Fist will add 3 more hours of gameplay, with a storyline revolving around you becoming a crime-fighter after finding a suitcase that pinpoints crimes in the city.

The Punch Club developers have also updated the game’s Twitch scene by adding gambling, which according to the developers was “The #1 requested feature.” According to the Steam Community page, players will be able to bet for points which they will then be able to trade for “tangible rewards.” Lazy Bear games will release more details about these rewards on a later date.

Punch Club The Dark Fist will be released for the PC on March 8 and for iOS and Android on March 10.

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