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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst News Coming This Week


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst News Coming This Week

News about Faith’s return coming this week.

Today, the official Mirror’s Edge Twitter account tweeted a cryptic announcement:

What could be coming? Gameplay trailer? Cinematic trailer? New features?  Another delay? Sit tight Mirror’s Edge fans. Faith is coming back.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was originally set to release on February 23 where it would be put up against Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Far Cry: Primal.  The game went on to be delayed until May 24 for additional polish.

Senior Producer Sara Janssen stated that “We will use these few extra months to make sure that when you step into the massive City of Glass and experience the rise of Faith, it’s as entertaining, impressive, and memorable as it can be.” So if one thing’s certain, the game’s is being released under the guise of it being ready.

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