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Marvel’s Contest of Champions Has Made Over $200 Million


Marvel’s Contest of Champions Has Made Over $200 Million

Fight for the almighty dollar.

It’s a big year for superhero movies, with two of the four big ones devoted to their heroes taking time off from punching bad guys to hitting each other for a couple of hours. While DC has Injustice for fans to pretend like they’re playing Batman v Superman, Marvel has Contest of Champions.

You’re probably more than aware of Marvel’s mobile fighting game, since they play ads for it about every five minutes. The one-on-one fighter is now succeeding at roughly the same amount as the studio’s movies, having generated over $200 million of profit since it launched back in December 2014. It’s surpassed 60 million players and has been in the Top 10 games on the App Store in nearly 120 countries.

Shout out to micropayments this week. In addition to Contest of Champions making crazy amounts of money, there’s also Halo 5’s $1.5 million success story. While Halo 5 is using their money to boost the winnings of their World Championship, it’s a safe bet that Marvel won’t do anything with their money besides maybe making a throne literally made out of money.

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