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Halo 5’s Microtransactions Have Made at Least $1.5 Million

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Halo 5’s Microtransactions Have Made at Least $1.5 Million

Money, money, mooooooney…MONEY!

When Halo 5 released last October, it gave players the ability to buy weapons and items for the Warzone multiplayer mode with the REQ system. While you can just as easily earn REQ credits through playing the game’s various multiplayer modes, 343 also let you pay with real human money to buy REQ packs of different sizes and value (one of the packs is priced at $100). And the profit for the REQ packs is pretty dang big. How big? $1.5 million big.

Microsoft confirmed as much today, when they revealed that the microtransactions have increased the World Championship winnings to $2.5 million. It’s now currently the “biggest individual prize pool in console eSports history”. *whistle*

Whatever you feel about micropayments, there’s no denying that there’s a market for them. Congratulations to Microsoft and the folks at 343 who’ve worked on Halo 5. Have fun Scrooge McDucking into your pool of money for the next two years.

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