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Fans Create A Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Animated Clip, And it’s Awesome


Fans Create A Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Animated Clip, And it’s Awesome

More of this goodness, please. Pretty please.

Where live-action video game adaptations fail so often, animated adaptations typically succeed. We’re sure a number of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt fans have thought about what it would be like to see a movie based on the game, but there’s always that high risk of it tragically joining the pantheon of terrible live-action video game movie adaptations. An animated adaptation may be just the way to go, in that case. If you’re wondering what that could look like, Allegra Town Studio are here to sate your desires.

As thanks to the developers over at CD Projekt RED, the lovely people over at the Allegra Town animation studio have created a short clip of the game’s protagonist Geralt of Rivia making mince meat of a Noonwraith. The clip was attached to a quick tweet at the game’s developers, thanking them for all their hard work:

Yes, this is amazing, and the folks over at Allegra Town Studio are very talented, but this also makes us sad as it reminds us that an animated adaptation of Witcher 3 doesn’t exist. Basically, this clip is amazing, and we can only imagine how awesome it would be to see a short film or even full-length feature born from this. For now, though, these seven seconds will have to do.

Previously, Allegra Town Studio also made a short clip of Spider-Gwen swinging through the city, so we can likely expect more fabulously animated works from the studio. Who knows? Maybe that feature might someday be a thing. A girl can dream…

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