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Far Cry Primal’s First Live Action Trailer Says It’s About Guts, Not Guns


Far Cry Primal’s First Live Action Trailer Says It’s About Guts, Not Guns

Watch this poor guy get yanked back into the prehistoric era.

Far Cry Primal, a prehistoric Far Cry set around the Mesolithic Period, takes place a few thousand years before guns, grenades, and other action game staples. The change might be a bit new for players, and it was definitely jarring for the star of Primal’s new live action trailer as he got yanked backwards through time mid-battle.

Starting out in his natural modern warfare environment, our soldier drops into a D-day-esque charge with a confusingly manual weapon. Poor guy then gets whisked to a colonial era battle and is immediately shot in the shoulder. Luckily, he transports back to medieval times in time for the bullet to become an arrow in his chain mail. In the end, he finally emerges face to face with a saber-toothed tiger, equipped with nothing but a bone.

The trailer highlights exactly the type of brutality Ubisoft is going for in Primal. The game takes place in a period where nature was stronger and better equipped than man. You can check out our thoughts on all the bloody action in our hands-on preview of Far Cry Primal here.

Far Cry Primal releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 23. Pre-ordering nets you the Legend of the Mammoth mission pack, which lets you drink a potion and play around as a mammoth. Pre-orders on Xbox One get the Mammoth pack along with a free game.

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