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Far Cry Primal Gets an Augmentation from Deus Ex

far cry primal, cosplay

Far Cry Primal Gets an Augmentation from Deus Ex

We should definitely ask for this.

Far Cry Primal will be in the hands of everyone in just four days. Instead of taking place in the modern day on a beautiful island full of people and animals that want to shoot or eat you, Primal takes players to the early days of civilization. No guns, just bow and arrows, spears, and riding on animals to assert your dominance.

Our hero this time around is Takkar, voiced by none other than Elias Toufexis, who most will know as Adam Jensen from the sci-fi Deus Ex games. It’s certainly a bit of a time shift for Toufexis, but Deus Ex’s Twitter thinks Far Cry Primal could benefit from having Adam in the lead role.

Just give it time, and there’ll definitely be a mod on PC to play as Jensen. Armblades may not be historically accurate, but they won’t draw as much attention as a missed shot from your bow will! Maybe. But you have to be wondering what Takkar has to say about this. Well…

Oh, shut up Takkar, like you know anything.

Far Cry Primal comes to the PS4 (the regular one, not the one made of stone), Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday.

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