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The Dreamcast Makes an Unexpected Return on the 3DS


The Dreamcast Makes an Unexpected Return on the 3DS

It’s baaaaack. Sort of.

Remember the Sega Dreamcast? Sure you do. You might have liked it, but that wasn’t enough for the world, as it left its mark on video game history as another financial failure left to crash and burn. Nevertheless, the Dreamcast had some of the most impressive visuals and innovative game mechanics on any video game system at the time. It marked the end of Sega’s saga in the hardware market, but it also left a lot of influence on other game systems that succeeded it.

Naturally, the world owes the Dreamcast big time. Well, that moment might finally be here with a return that many might not have expected. Yes, you guessed it (probably not)– the Dreamcast now has an official theme available for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system:

Sega Dreamcast 3DS theme

Sure, it’s not the tribute the system deserves, but it’s nice to see the device getting some worthy recognition. The world hasn’t forgotten the Dreamcast, and neither has Sega, for better or for worse. The new generation of video game enthusiasts ought to get a little window into the past, seeing what was and wondering what could have been.

Those who purchase the theme can greet the Dreamcast background every time they open up their 3DS, remembering fond moments playing Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, or… Seaman. It should be nice for a bout of nostalgia in addition to making for a pretty sweet background. Instead of pouring some of your 40oz out, you can tout the theme. Rest in peace, Dreamcast.

You can get your own 3DS theme for $1.99 by accessing the 3DS Theme Shop.

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