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Bandai Namco Reveals Slashy Souls, a Dark Souls Inspired Mobile Game

Dark Souls


Bandai Namco Reveals Slashy Souls, a Dark Souls Inspired Mobile Game

Endless runner, or endless slasher?

The next Dark Souls game is a few months away, but publishers Bandai Namco are delivering another Souls game before then. Slashy Souls is an endless runner inspired by the Souls series, and it will be available this week.

Aside from a trademark filed in 2015, this game hasn’t been mentioned or previewed anywhere. It’s unlikely that this game will tie in significantly to the main series, however. Bandai Namco says Slashy Souls is more of a spin-off than an official continuation of the series. Items and spells from the series are likely to appear in this endless runner, but don’t expect a significant story.

According to Polygon, GameStop was involved in the creation of Slashy Souls in some capacity. GameStop recently began publishing games through a partnership with Insomniac. Bandai Namco have released some early footage of Slashy Souls that you can view below.

Slashy Souls will be released on iOS and Android devices on Feb. 27. Will you try this game out while waiting for the next Dark Souls title, or go through Scholar of the First Sin a few more times instead? Let us know in the comments.


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