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Shenmue III Gets New Screenshots and Video Preview


Shenmue III Gets New Screenshots and Video Preview

Lovely locales to visit in China.

Shenmue III is over a year away, but developers YS Net are consistently giving updates on its progress. Director Yu Suzuki is currently in Monaco sharing screenshots and video from the upcoming game.

Suzuki presented several screenshots and video from the upcoming PS4 title at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference. The video walkthrough shows the game’s dynamic lighting and day-night cycle, while screenshots show off updated versions of locations from previous games in the series.

Shenmue Dojo compiled the screenshots and video into a compilation that you can view below.

The three major locations in the game will be starting area Bailu Village, bustling riverside city Choubu, and a third area named Baisha. Most of these screenshots appear to be from the first area. With monthly updates on the game’s Kickstarter page, it’s likely that a lot more will be shared before the game’s Dec. 2017 release.

Shenmue III made over $6 million on Kickstarter after its surprise announcement at E3 2015. This is much less than the previous game’s budget of over $40 million, but collaboration with Sony allowed the dormant franchise to be revived.


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