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EA Abandons ‘Ghost’ Trademark Filing After Ubisoft Opposition

ea vs ubisoft ghost trademark

EA Abandons ‘Ghost’ Trademark Filing After Ubisoft Opposition

Another trademark attempt.

Next up in the series of failed attempts by juggernaut game companies to file trademarks for everyday terms is EA’s attempt to trademark the word ‘ghost’.

Last month EA filed the trademark for the term ‘ghost’ but after opposition from Ubisoft, they have abandoned their attempt. It is not clear precisely what EA intended to use the trademark for but the original filing covered ‘entertainment services’ and ‘computer game software.’

It may have been in preparation for a new franchise or an expansion of an already existing one. It could also have been for Ghost Games, the EA studio known for Need for Speed Rivals and last year’s Need for Speed. They are currently working on the next Need for Speed game.

Ubisoft appealed against the filing because they felt it would create confusion about their Ghost Recon series, especially with a new game releasing soon.

For more information on the filing and its subsequent abandonment, see Neogaf.

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