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Watch a Cat Be Better Than You at Piano Tiles


Watch a Cat Be Better Than You at Piano Tiles

“Yes, I’m a cat. Yes, I play video games.”

The cats have learned how to play piano; this was clear with the arrival of Keyboard Cat. What we, the human race, could never have anticipated was the cat species learning how to play piano on a smartphone.

Here is a cat that is not just good at Piano Tiles, but they’re probably better than you. Maybe, this is definitely just the start of a much greater and much more sinister plan, probably, without a doubt. No, I’m not exaggerating. Absolutely not.

You may be thinking you see a hand very clearly holding the cat’s paws, making it play Piano Tiles, but you’re lying to yourself. Love yourself, you don’t need to lie. We think we’ve seen enough piano-playing cats to identify a cat that has legitimately undergone all the necessary training to play one of the world’s most beautiful percussion instruments, the piano.

They’re evolving at a rapid pace, and we can only brace ourselves for a future governed by piano-playing cats. Start preparing, I guess.

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