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Insane Stepmania Speedrun from AGDQ Will Leave You in Awe


Insane Stepmania Speedrun from AGDQ Will Leave You in Awe

Still can’t get over it.

AGDQ (Games Done Quick) had a showcase event for the 2001 rhythm game Stepmania last night and it will blow you away.

Stepmania is a rhythm game on the PC that can be described as digital DDR. It can be played with peripherals, although the runner used the trusty keyboard to hit the keys with precision. Do yourself a favor and watch the full showcase below, with it properly starting at approximately 3:40.

Staian from Norway wowed the crowd behind him and over 200,000 viewers of the Twitch Stream with his very quick and precise movements. At the end of showcase, another Stepmania player by the name of EtienneSM showed off a song with modified settings that made it even harder. A donator made the comment that 25 notes per second is 1500 actions per minute in Starcraft, and in some cases they were hitting at least 28 notes per second.

AGDQ stands for Awesome Games Done Quick, and is a charity event that occurs twice a year to raise money for charity. So far they have raised just under $600,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. You can watch the event on Twitch up until Sunday when the event finishes, returning in July as Summer Games Done Quick.

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